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    How to scale a worksheet to fit one page when downloading PDF

    Jeremy King



      I have specific projects published in Tableau Server (Tableau Server Version: 2018.1.3) that will be downloaded as a PDF and then printed to report. Currently when I download and change the paper size to letter and orientation to landscape, tableau shrinks the width of the view with the scaling set to automatic. I have changed the scaling to "at most one page high," which formats the height nicely, but requires 2 pages due to the width.


      Is there any way to create the effects of a scale that would combine "At most 1 page high" and "At most 1 page wide"?


      Additionally, I have found a work around that requires me creating a dashboard on tableau desktop for each view and changing the layout options to match the size of a landscape letter sized paper, but it requires too much time to perform this for each project.