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    Sort by Date with other dimensions

    Kathy Coyle


      I am new to Tableau, using Tableau Desktop 2018.1.  I have school visit data to student's homes - see sample data attached.  I want to see the total number of visits by staff (lead or co-visitor) by date with the staff name and school name.  I pivot the data on "Lead Staff" and "Co-visitor Staff" but the "date" sort is not working how I want it to.  I did a sort on "Staff Name" of "Descending" on field "Staff/Co-visitor" and a sort on "MM/DD/YY" of "Descending" on field "Staff/Co-visitor" but if there are visits on the same date by different staff/co-visitor pairs it will sort on the values by date.


      Here's the report I am looking for:


      Visit Date   School      Lead Staff      Co-visitor Staff (Agg: Number of Lead and Co-visitor Visits)

      10/27/2018 Valley High Jan Ute                                     19

      10/27/2018 Valley High                               Tom Hill       19

      9/15/2018 Valley High Bea Main                                     18

      9/15/2018 Valley High                               Cedric Farr    18

      10/9/2018 Valley High Pete Gray                                    16

      10/9/2018 Valley High                               Mike Ellis       16

      9/6/2018 Crawford Middle Tina Villa                                 3

      9/6/2018 Crawford Middle                          Hailey Mills    3

      9/15/18   Crawford Middle  Tina Villa                                2

      9/15/18   Crawford Middle                          Hailey Mills    2

      11/1/2018 Valley High    Jan Ute                                       2

      11/1/2018 Valley High                                 Tom Hill          2

      10/1/2018 Bailey Elem Sam Mosley                                 1

      10/1/2018 Bailey Elem                             Angela Batrice  1

      11/1/2018 Mueller Elem Cam Klein                                   1

      11/1/2018 Mueller Elem                               Sadie Saxon 1