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    Creating multi level Hierarchy from a dimension

    Juan Pablo

      Hello Everyone,


      I don't know if it's possible to create a multi level hierarchy between managers and their direct reports between two dimensions.

      Any directional guidance would be great.


      My data set has 3 dimensions: Manager, Employee, Title


      I don't want a tree diagram, I just want a text table that can be rolled up/drilled down.

      I want to be able to drill down from the manager/supervisor role (top of the hierarchy) to everyone they report to.


      For example (using the data set):

      • Arthur Corrina (Level 1)
        • Underwood Flora (Level 2)
          • Cortez Jasmine (Level 3)
            • Edwards Rose (Level 4)
            • Richardson Jack
            • Harris Betty
            • Lee Alice
            • Davis Jonathan
            • Johnson Harold
            • Rodriguez Gerald
        • Collier Jill (Level 2)
          • Martinez Billy (Level 3)
          • Bailey Roger
          • Watson Annie