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    How to retain a nested sort


      Hi all,


      I have trouble retaining a nested sort. In the attached workbook I have a table, and I would like to sort the products on the price for the Blue ones (highest first).

      I can simply achieve this by clicking on Blue, like below.

      2019-01-03 11_35_25-Tableau - DummyWorkbook.png

      However, I have noticed that if I change anything else in my workbook (which is a much bigger workbook in real life) or when I publish the workbook, the sort disappears.

      Therefore I am trying to find a way to retain this sorting order, but I can't manage to tell Tableau how to do this.

      The only thing that I can find is to sort Size on SUM(Price), but that is for all Colours, not specificially for Blue.


      Anyone a clue?