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    New series of videos on swapping and popping on a dashboard

    Joe Oppelt

      Way back in 2014 I put together a demo video on swapping and popping.  Some Tableau behaviors have changed since then.



      I have created a series of videos that replaces the old one.



      The first video simply shows how to swap 3 sheets.  It's the standard swapping technique, so it's not anything new, but the subsequent videos build off this first one.



      Pop and Swap -- Step 1 on Vimeo   (approximately 7 minutes)


      The second video shows how to overlap floating containers and pop out the correct legend for the selected swapped sheet.


      Pop and Swap -- Step 2 on Vimeo  (approximately 11 minutes)


      The third video shows how to slide a series of objects in a container so that only the object for the swapped sheet displays.  (This addresses the behavioral change of overlayed containers that was introduced in 10.4.)


      Pop and Swap -- Step 3 on Vimeo (approximately 12 minutes)


      The fourth video shows some miscellaneous issues commonly encountered when swapping and popping.


      One item in particular addresses sheets that won't release their space when they should collapse.  Especially pie charts.  See stuff at about minute 5:00 in video 4.


      Pop and Swap -- Miscellaneous on Vimeo  (approximately 13 minutes)

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