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    Aggregation affecting Download

    Anshul Sharma

      Hi guys,


      in the attached workbook i have created a simple bar chart. when i keep the aggregation of the measure to SUM() and do copy->Data then paste it in excel i get the data in the desired format but when i change the aggregation to AVG() and do Copy->Data the the data is sorted in ascending order on measure




      if you look at column B in above image quarters ares sorted correctly when aggregation is SUM but the order of the quarters change(increasing order on measure) when aggregation is changed to AVG. 

      can someone suggest a way to overcome this problem. i am using 10.3 desktop version.

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          Nick Parsons

          Anshul, sorry this is a bit late. I'm not sure why it is changing the sort on you, I've captured the issue so we can look into it further.

          But in the meantime I have a workaround for you.


          If you created a calculated field for your aggregation and drag that to rows, the sort should be what you are expecting. I tried a calc field for both sum([Gross Fraud BPs]) and avg([Gross Fraud BPs]) and both gave me the same sort order on Copy > Data > Paste in Excel.