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    Setting Up JSON/XML API Connection

    Jordan Laughlin

      I am looking to set up a connection to Entrata's API (property management software) - more info on their API here: Entrata :: API info . Their API returns data in JSON or XML, which I know Tableau should be able to connect to.


      I am new to JSON, XML, and really APIs in general. Is there a relatively easy way to connect this API to Tableau without the need to contract a developer or pay for expensive third-party integration platform software?


      Thank you so much for any help in advance.

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          Hello Jordan,


          For connecting to JSON formatted data Tableau has the following option: JSON File


          If the Entrata's API can be configured to create a JSON file, the Tableau Desktop should be able to connect to the created file.


          I hope this helps!




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            Clair Wyant

            I'm interested in this as well. I have little to no knowledge of JSON & XML.

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              Jordan Laughlin

              To update here: I ended up going with a (quite pricey) iPaaS software that allows me to call the API on a schedule and download that information automatically for Tableau to use.


              If there is an option to do this without the software and without extensive coding knowledge, I would love to hear it!

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                Ellis Kelling

                Jordan, what kinds of things does Tableau bring to the table that aren't already available in Entrata?  Our company is deploying Entrata soon, and weighing whether or not to add Tableau as well.  We're trying to understand the benefits Tableau would add and I'm wondering if you could share any insight you've gained from your experience.

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                  Clair Wyant



                  Please allow me to throw my 2 cents in here.


                  Tableau will allow you to manipulate and visualize data in a million different ways, something Entrata con't do. You can also connect multiple data sources, like Google Analytics where you can blend data together to get a different picture.


                  Common things I look at for example, website traffic & bounce rates via Google Analytics & applications submitted/inquiries from Google Sheets via Yardi. Look at it on a high level and drill down to the campaign and ad.


                  Different people look at things differently, and I'd find it easier if I could tap into the API instead of downloading Excel/CSV files.

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                    Granted this is old, but surprised there have been no answers referring to the WDC option.


                    As mentioned Tableau allows you to connect to JSON files, so if the API response is in JSON, you could save the file and connect to it locally. Alternatively, or if the API response is XML, you will have to use a Web Data Connector. I'm quite new to this area myself and there are plenty of resources on this site and others on the WDC topic.Web Data Connector

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                      Jordan Laughlin

                      Matthew - Thanks for bringing up the WDC as a potential solution here. Unfortunately, in my case, I am unfamiliar with JavaScript, so I don't have the knowledge to build my own WDC.


                      It would be great if there were a few "generic" WDC templates built out that could be easily adapted to most standard websites with available JSON/XML API connections.