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    Dashboard Formatting Conundrums

    Daniel Lawrence

      Hello all you wonderful people,


          I have three dashboard formatting questions that I cannot seem to resolve after exhausting all the usually paths.  I have attached the dashboard with the constituent sheets.


      1)  In the line graphs I cannot seem to get rid of these white lines.  They appear to be axis lines of some sort but when I go to Format --> Format Lines and makes everything None they still appear.  Does anyone know how to make these disappear or even what they are called so I can at least try to make them the same color as the background?


      2) All of the line graphs are dual axis with the second axis being a quick table calculation --> Percent Difference.  I have tried all the different alignment options for the Percent Difference Marks but they all appear very closely clustered to the Mark from the first measure (unless the Percent Difference is Negative, in which it appears far below).  Given the relatively large amount of room can I shift the 2nd axis mark, Percent Difference, a little further away from the 1st axis mark so it is a little easier to read?


      3)  I have seen numerous forum topics of how to move date axis from the bottom of the sheet to the top of the sheet but they all require the dates to be continuous.  In my case, I specifically need them to be discrete as I am looking at November 2017 compared to November 2018 and I do not want all the months in between cluttering up the axis.  When I make them continuous and filter to only the values of the Novembers then I still find all the months of the year listed because of the continuous measure.  Thoughts on how to move the axis to the top while maintaining the discrete nature of the date values?


      Thank you for any and all insight provided and happy holidays!