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    Map Polygon Optimization

    Eric Sarno

      Hi everyone,


      I'm working on creating a map using a paramaterized stored procedure to return a data set and am running into some speed issues. Wondering if there is anything I can do or if it just is what it is!


      On what you see below...

      SP in SSMS returns in 5 seconds.

      Single Entity map, about 12 seconds

      Full detail map - 3+ minutes


      Single entity - hovering over one shape highlights all of them.

      Full detail - shows the locations & zip codes as unique individuals.


      The purpose of the SP is to use the entered mile radius around a point and return all zip codes that intersect that radius. The shape files for the locations & zip codes are geography data types in our SQL server. I've been doing more basic mapping utilizing zip codes interpreted by Tableau, but I don't think it can do a dynamic spatial intersect the way I've been trying to here. If it can, I'd love to use a hyper extract compared to this method.


      Thank you!