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    SMTP connection unexpectedly closed

    Daniel Lawrence

      I have seen a few other discussions of this nature with slightly different errors and fixes that did not apply to me.


      I was able to get the first test to work for Vizalerts so it can connect but I encounter the same error for Simple alerts or Advanced Alerts:


      2018-12-13 16:27:20 - [ERROR] - Email failed to send; there was an issue sending mail via SMTP server: Connection unexpectedly closed

      2018-12-13 16:27:20 - [ERROR] - Unknown error sending exception alert email: Connection unexpectedly closed


      Possibly relevant points to mention:

      In vizalerts\config\vizalerts.yaml:

      • smtp.user and smtp.password are both null and smtp.ssl is false so this should not be an authentication problem
      • server.ssl = True as it is an HTTPS Server and requires SSL
      • server.certcheck = false and server.certfile = null so it should not be a certificate validating problem
      • smtp.server = smtp.office365.com
      • smtp.port = 587

      Other points that may come into play:

      I downloaded papercut as suggested by Matt Coles and was able to successfully receive alert emails on localhost.

      Tableau Desktop is running on local machine with Microsoft Exchange email server

      while Tableau Server is running on Azure cloud instance with SMTP server = smtp.office365.com


      I thought I should be running email through the smtp server on the Azure instance but now I am confused about how best to work this.


      Has anyone encountered this type of setup/error before?