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    Aggregated and non aggreated on same sheet in diff columns

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      I have an avg of a measure, successfully filtering as well on the filter in sheet1. I need to show this 'avg of a measure' another sheet (sheet 2's column along with sheet 2 rest of the columns) on sheet 2, data shown against 'key' and on monthly basis. I need the aggregated value from sheet1 of avg of measure to be shown on sheet2 with non aggregated values based on months in columns. ig 1 and img2 are fro refe.


      img1: sheet1 with perfect aggregated data shown and filtering as well on a monthly range .



      img2 : sheet2



      I need the aggregated value of say 'privacy screen' from the sheet1 on this sheet, not to be cut off on months. I know rest of the data on sheet2 is based on months in columns but I need a solution for my particular requirement.


      Thanks & appreciated