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    Has anyone got some alternate custom shapes for people than the standard gender shape?

    Victor Clarke

      Hi guys


      I have a Viz where I use custom shapes using the gender shape of a man to demonstrate the number of occurrences of a particular set of characteristics.


      I have also put colour onto the same dimensions to show different sub-characteristics


      My problem is I want to add a third element to the information being conveyed by using different shapes. Ideally the shape I would use would be that of a person but clearly distinguishable from the existing gender shape. I have tried using the female shape in the standard set, and it doesn't work, because at the small size I am using, the difference between the male and female is too small to be distinguishable.


      See attached for a screen print of a portion of the Viz (I can't show the whole Viz as the data in it is confidential). Apologies that you can't see the left or right axes so cannot see the context. You will see I have used the male and female shapes, but the difference between them is not very clear.


      Has anyone got a set of different shapes that can be used - I am thinking maybe a solid shape and one that is just an outline, or alternately a stick figure type shape compared the fuller shape in the standard set of custom shapes?


      Thanks in advance