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    How to hide sheets in dashboard more effectively?




      I have a dashboard which is divided into 3 separate sections say:Sales,Profit and Unit.

      In each of the 3 sections I have different worksheets related to their specific values.


      I also have sales people names which would appear in boxes  in a sheet. The colour of the boxes would be darker colour to lighter color according to the selections we make from the sections(Sales,Prodit and Units)if more the sales,the box would be dark and lesser the sales the box color becomes lighter.


      I need to show this slaes people names sheet according to the 3 divided sections.ie:if I select any sheets in the sales section, the sales person sheet should show the sales value  with their names and the color of the boxes should be based on sales.And if its Profit,the sheet should show only Profit values and color of boxes should depend on them


      My client doesn't want to select a parameter. But the selection should be from the sections directly which should effect the sales person name sheets.


      As solution ,I created 3 different sheets showing salesperson name and their specific values(Sales,Profit and Unit).I gave filter actions for all sheets in sections to display any of these 3 sheets hiding the other 2.But my problem is


      1)if the user select say "Sales",then Sales sheet of sales person will be displayed. And if he forgets to deselect it and click on profit section ,then 2 sheets would be displayed together. I don't want 2 sheets to be displayed together.

      2)I am unable to dynamically change the color of the boxes according to sections as we are not using Parameters and only actions.



      My point is we don't want user to select a parameter, but internally if we can use a parameter for capturing the values and can use that parameter for hiding sheets and changing the colors of boxes, then it would be great.


      Is that possible?

      Simon Runc



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          Simon Runc

          hi Isa,


          Yes I'm pretty sure this is possible. I think all you need are some "kill" actions, so when someone clicks one of the selectors it, not only selects/shows the desired sheet, but also kills (collapses) the other ones.


          I answered a question here with a similar problem


          Re: How can I hide or unhide charts?


          Hope that helps.

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            Simon Runc


            Can we capture the Action to a calculated field?

            For ex:if we click on any of the sales sheet, we could provide a number 1 Or Letter S and

            can use these values in  calculated field to get displayed the corresponding values.If User click on any of Profit sheets ,we could pass value 2 or Letter "P" to identify the action as Profit and then can further use it in a calculation?


            Is that Possible?

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              Simon Runc

              hi Isa,


              Hope you had a nice end of year break.


              Not sure ...it all depends by what you mean by "pass the value". We can set up the dummy field (where I've used 1One and/or 0Zero) to be "S" and "P" and we can add that level to the respective sheets, so we send the value "S" or "P" depending on which sheet is selected. Beyond that you'll need to give me a bit more detail on how you want this value to be used in a calculation. We'er passing the value as a filter, and not setting a value, so we couldn't do something like


              IF [Field] = "S" then [do something] else [do something else] end


              If you can give me an example of the calculation you want to use, I can have a think (it might be you need 2 different calculations on 2 different sheets, and the filter determines which one is shown)

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                Simon,Yes I was thinking about something like a field which can be include in the calculation.


                My idea was to capture the value from action say for example "S" if we click on sales sheet and then say if action(s) then total(sales) elseif action [P] then total(profit).

                In that case I would be able to use only one sheet instead of using 2 sheets  .


                But hiding sheets works fine for me.I hope tableau's next version would be able to capture the values in actions.




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                  Simon Runc

                  So yes we could do this by reshaping the data, so "Measure Names" is a real dimension, and so could get passed via Actions Or yes if Tableau can make (the generated) "measure names" more of a real dimension that would do the trick.