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    Starting a private user group in Canada

    Sarah Look

      I am hoping to start a company-specific Tableau User Group, and am wondering what the privacy landscape is like within Tableau Community. My questions are:


      • What is the difference between private, members only, and secret User Groups? Who would have access to the workbooks and content?
      • Where is the Tableau Community content stored? (in my province, public bodies must follow strict guidelines about where they store personal data -- that is, personal data can only be stored and accessed within Canada)


      Any help would be much appreciated!

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          Andrew Drinkwater

          Hey Sarah,

          Here's a few thoughts, based on my experience with several Canadian province's privacy requirements.


          1. I'd suggest that personal/confidential data should not be stored on Tableau's community forums (including user groups). While the ability to control members, or make the group private or secret may limit who has access, its unlikely to meet the thresholds needed for safeguarding of private or confidential information.

          2. It's not fully clear where the community forums are actually hosted, but given Tableau Online has servers in the US and Ireland (Tableau Online | Tableau Software Trust )https://trust.tableau.com/status/tableau-online I would be very surprised if any of the forums are hosted in Canada.


          If the goal is to have effectively a place to share insight within your organization, you may be able to leverage your Tableau Server (assuming you have it) - within the secure Server environment, users will need to sign in to view content. It's possible to have comments on particular Tableau workbooks/visualizations, so this may meet your needs. If you're looking for a more forum-based approach, your organization may have the ability to host a similar forum product, or utilize a Canadian cloud provider, and then provide links to your analysis on Tableau Server.


          Hope this helps a bit!

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            Andrew Drinkwater

            Now, all of the above being said, user groups are a great way to help your organization be successful with its adoption of Tableau.

            There's a nice post outlining why they're helpful, here:

            Organizing a User Group Inside Your Company


            So if you can keep away from posting anything confidential on the Forums, then I'd say you can use it as a great platform.

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              Sarah Look

              Thank you for the advice, Andrew. I agree that Tableau forums are not the place to store confidential information, but that there are other self-hosted or Canadian-hosted options that we can explore. Thanks for the tips.