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    Interactive child care needs assessment

    Sarah Crow

      I'm looking for someone to oversee a project and build a map in Tableau that displays the findings of a new report. The report describes demand and supply of child care in a Bay Area county, with city-level data. I'd also like some technical assistance to ensure that our team members can support the map going forward.

      Specifically, I'm looking for:

      - Scoping and design of the project

      - Build a dataset from the report (~25 pages of quantitative data in PDF)

      - Develop display templates, with time built in to review with our team members

      - Train staff, about 2 in-person training sessions on using the display templates

      - Provide on-going technical assistance and project management


      Please respond with the number of hours you think would be needed for this project (ballpark estimates are ok!) and estimated budget.


      Thank you!