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    Heat Map Question

    Robert Coloney

      I used Qualtrics to survey individuals on where they'd like to start a career using the attached map of the USA. What is the easiest way to get this into Tableau knowing I didn't use City, ST as fields but instead used the built-in Heat Map feature via Qualtrics associated with the image I've attached?


      I have also attached the raw lat/lon data from the responses. They were able to choose up to 5 locations per response.

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          Michael Hesser

          If you just want a representation, you can use Tableau's new Density feature with a scatter plot.


          Your 10 X/Y values can be pivoted (from 10 columns into 2), plotted, and then mapped.


          You'll want to IMPORT the picture and use that as your background, though you'll need to figure out the correct coordinates for it (I'm thinking 1000/750?).


          Here's a view using *just* the first answers, superimposed on your map. Another grey-scale map might offer a more polished view for your users; I think you could generate the Lat/Long with two relatively simple calcs.

          What this lacks:

          Easy visibility into the cities beneath the "hotspots". A worksheet action could remove the dots on a click, though.

          Feedback about what/where is being selected. While you can see it on the map, no variable holds the value "Austin"... so you can't perform tasks like "shows me the 10 most preferred cities"

          Note that it appears not everyone followed the directions: someone clicked "Canada" as well as the state NAME of "MD"...


          Please let me know if you'd like more info about this viz.

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            Robert Coloney

            Can you please share with me the workbook you used to create this? I'm having trouble replicating it.

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              Michael Hesser

              Certainly-- and my apologies, I'd thought I had attached it before!

              Good luck to you.


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                Michael Hesser

                Hi Robert-- I made a few minor mods to bring out the color density.