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    Week Name in dd-mmm to dd-mmm format

    Gaytri k

      hi team,


      this is relating to the previous thread i had created https://community.tableau.com/thread/284948



      i have a date field in my data. i would need to show weekly sales. so my client wants to keep the Heading in the format "30-sep to 06 Oct" that is dd/mmm-dd/mmm format instead of showing it as WeekNumber 40.


      kindly help me how can i convert the Datepart(Week,"Sales Date") to dd/mmm-dd/mmm.


      Thanks a lot in advance.


      please note:  we have few days missing in between

      Also, i should be able to add a trend line based on this.


      This question was previosly asked and Meenu had responded. but somehow, now i'm having issue with the solution provided by meenu choudhary


      the issue with Meenu's solution is

      1. i'm unable to add trend line

      2. if last day of the week is missing then the week format would show "30-Sep to 05-Oct"  instead of "30-sep to 06 Oct"meenu choudhary