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    Grand Total Issue

    Naman Shah



      Here is my Requirement I have to display Grand Total row but with this requirement


      Sales, Goals and LY Sales are fine. But for % to LY  and % to Goal it is displaying total of of rows but I want

      to display %to Goal total should be Grandtotal of Sales / Grand Total of Monthly Goals

      same for  %to Ly  = Grand total of Sales / Grand total of LY


      Is it possible ?




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          Michael Ye



          You need to use LOD expressions.


          Try: % to LY



          SUM({FIXED [Month_of_]:SUM([Sales])}) / SUM({FIXED [Month_of_]:SUM([LY Sales])})



          % to goal:



          SUM({FIXED [Month_of_]:SUM([Sales])}) / SUM({FIXED [Month_of_]:SUM([Goals])})



          [Month_of_] is the dimension you used. It is not complete here, since in your screenshot it only show this.



          Hope it helps.


          Michael Ye

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            You should aggregate the Metrics and then apply the division for the grand total you're expecting.


            So, if you have your % to LY  as [Sales]/[LY Sales], it sshould be SUM([Sales])/SUM([LY Sales])

            and same thing with % to Goal it should be SUM([Sales])/SUM([Monthly Goals])

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              Naman shah

              If I have something like this then your equation is not working



              Equation i wrote for % to MTD


              SUM({FIXED [U_Division]:SUM([MTD])})/SUM({FIXED [U_Division]:SUM([Monthly Goal])})


              Please guide me