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    Creating map cluster visualisation based on Zip Code/Postcode

    Edward Stewart



      I would like to create visualisations using Zip Code/Postcode data for all the countries on the globe.  I have the postcodes and the countries so in theory Tableau will do the mapping...


      Problem. For data privacy reasons I don't want to identify distinct postcodes locations rather the district/county, ie the first three characters in Canada, three in the UK, India 6 etc.  My question is there a list that somebody has developed for all countries?  Something like this.


      IF [Country] = 'CA' THEN LEFT([Postal],3) //Canada


      [Country] = 'GB' THEN LEFT([Postal],3) //UK


      [Country] = 'IN' THEN LEFT([Postal],6) //India







      Doing this for 200 plus countries is painful, also despite the helpful Tableau postcode page some countries just plain don't work.