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        Tanner McDaniel

        Looks promising.


        I tried to re-create your results, but with no luck.

        See my attached workbook and please see what I am doing incorrect.


        I need to wrap my head around how you accomplished this because I need to do it for 2 more call groups.

        Thank a lot!



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          Ombir Rathee

          I can understand the pain. At first attempt, It also took me around 1 hour to make it right. Sorting the bars and  X- Axis count was a challenge. Follow below steps.


          1. Drag Destination to Rows shelf and Row Id to Detail.

          2. Drag Lookup Field to filter and Edit calculation.

          3. Edit Lookup Filter and Select only T.


          5. Drag Count to Rows.



          6. Edit Table Calculation of Count

          7. Edit Nested Table calculation Lookup of  Count

          8. Sort Descending



          9. Drag Count from Rows to Column Shelf.



          10. Change the Mark from Automatic to Gantt bar. Press CTRL and drag Count from Column shelf to Size card of Gantt Bar.



          11. Change the Nested Lookup calculation of Count to Table Down.

          12.  Create a Dual Axis chart and using Min(0) and Drag Count from Size to Text card  for second axis.



          13. Change Label alignment of second axis to left and Remove Measure Name from second axis.



          14. Uncheck the Show header of second axis.



          15. Final View.




          Hope this helps.

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            Tanner McDaniel

            Appreciate the time spent making the tutorial.

            I'm having trouble on step 12. I attached my full workbook so you can take a look.


            Also, wasn't sure how you added the Min(0) into the column shelf, so I just made a new calculation called "Min" and its content was "Min(0)"


            Despite being stuck on step 12, I went ahead and tried to complete the rest of the steps, but of course Im not getting the same result.


            Thanks so much for your help. I feel if I can overcome this issue, we can finally see for the first time how we are performing on our phone system.

            It will be the first time in 20 years, only made possible by Tableau  and your help.

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              Ombir Rathee

              You made one mistake in the Lookup calculation. Don't include False in the calculation.



              Another thing I forgot to mention is to Synchronize the dual axis.




              You can also double click on Rows/Column shelf to type any adhoc calculation like MIN(0). Finally after changing the Lookup calculation, you've to repeat all steps again else you'll not the get the sorting correct.

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                Tanner McDaniel

                Awesome, thanks for the walk-through!


                Once more slight issue that doesn't match your end result..

                I want to show all the text labels, however when I select this option, it seems to overlay the text making it all darker.




                How did you do this in yours?

                • 20. Re: Lookup Previous Row - How To?
                  Tanner McDaniel

                  I found a work around solution.


                  I used Ctrl + up and down arrows to adjust the size of the bars. Its not the correct way to do it I guess, but it works. lol

                  • 21. Re: Lookup Previous Row - How To?
                    Ombir Rathee

                    All labels show up on my pc without the checkmark. Just checked again and found that dual axis is not required. Remove the count from column shelf and copy the count from size mark to label using CTRL and change the alignment to Right.


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