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    Hadoop hive ODBC driver

    Koby Obeng

      Hi everyone,

      I am trying to connect to either the native Hortonworks Hadoop hive connector or the other databases (ODBC) connector in tableau to hive.

      For the native connector i get the error:


      Unable to connect to the ODBC data source. Check drivers and connection properties

      [Hortonworks][hardy] (34) Error from server: SSL_connect certificate verify failed



      For the ODBC driver connector, I am able to establish connection, access a schema and tables. However when I drag and drop fields to row or column shelves I get the error message below;


      Bad connection: Tableau could not connect to the data source.

      [Hortonworks][hardy] (35) Error from server:error code: "0" error message: 'ExecuteStatement finished with operations state: ERROR_STATE'.


      I am using 2018.1.3 and I have installed and successfully configured the ODBC driver. The driver version I currently have available and I am using is 2.1.7. Is this a driver version issue or an issue with the configuration? I read about TDC files which help Tableau operate more efficiently when using Hadoop hive ODBC driver. I coped the lines contained in a TDC file and saved in my tableau data sources. That is pretty much what I did. Please HELP.

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          Ciara Brennan

          Hi Koby

          There are a few solutions outlined in the link below that might help...




          Option 1

          Work with your Hadoop administrator to ensure that you have permissions to access the table.


          Note: Simply granting permissions to a username may not be sufficient; a directory path may also need to be specified.

          For more information, see Directories and Permissions in Hadoop's knowledge base.

          Option 2

          Ensure that the latest drivers are installed and configured correctly: Drivers & Activation.

          Option 3

          Work with Hortonworks support to ensure that the Hadoop user's home directory has been created correctly. Please note that the following error message might appear in the Hortonworks Hadoop log files:

          org.apache.hadoop.ipc.RemoteException(org.apache.hadoop.security.AccessControlException): Permission denied: user=<>, access=WRITE, inode="/user":<>

          Option 4

          Ensure that the correct user with the required permissions is used with the ODBC driver and verify that the ODBC driver is configured correctly. If the issue persists, contact the Hadoop Hive distribution provider for assistance.