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    Random order of data columns

    Eleonor Hellblom



      My users want to be able to see every order in the data on a very granular level, so basically see the underlying data. Even if the user will never open the dashboard/sheet before applying filters first, it is still too big table for Tableau to handle and results in it crashing.

      So working around this we have a separate table only containing the columns that they want and just a simple sheet with them looking at the 'underlying data'. Works great and much better performance - however they want the columns in a particular order - not alphabetically as Tableau shows. So I have put a number in front of each column in the order that we want - works like a charm.....


      On desktop at least, on the server when looking 'Full Data' it throws the columns in the weirdest order and I can't figure out the logic behind it. On desktop and in 'Summary' it does what it is supposed to do, but 'Full Data' on server it goes bananas as see picture attached.


      Does anyone know why this is, what logic it uses and how to overcome this?


      I am on version 10.2.2 and I have attached a sample workbook but bit hard to show server example.


      Thank you all in advance!