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    Show message when no data is available

    Robertino Bonora

      Hello guys i have the following question, in my current dashboard i have 4 quick filters that filter a worksheet that is an Excel icon that i use to download information from Tableau Server. The problem is that when i select any value from the 4 filters but there is no information for those four values (or when i do not select any value in a filter for example) the icon image disappears as it has no information to show. Is it possible to add perhaps another sheet in a horizontal container so that when there is no information for these 4 filters and the icon disappears, a message like "No information exists" is displayed?



      How could I accomplish this with a calculated field?


      Thank you!



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          Joe Oppelt

          I handle this by putting a text message that says "No Data To Display" floated UNDER the sheet the user sees.


          For instance:



          This selection generates no rows.


          But the following selection does:



          My action sheet shows the number of rows selected by the various filters and parameters, and when the user clicks on that "rows Selected" sheet, the action gets triggered.


          At one point I just had an Excel icon there, but some selection criteria generated output files with too many rows.  So I changed it to this approach, and the user knows whether or not he wants to generate a file with that many rows.

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            Joe Oppelt

            FYI, the "No rows Selected" text box is always displayed, but my download sheet hides it if there are any rows selected because that sheet floats on top of the text box.

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              tanvi khanna

              Hi Joe,


              I was going through this thread and wondering how we could implement this for containers. I understand you have used floating text box and sent it to back. I am using containers for all my charts since the dashboard is made on automatic device layout for desktop/tablet.

              I have 14-15 charts on a functional dashboard, each in a container and I am limiting each of them by their respective count of records. so when one chart disappears due to filters applied on records, the container should switch to text "too less records to show"

              • Not sure if I would need to make a text box for each of 14 charts in that case, cause some may appear some might not depending on filters?
              • containers cannot be send to back like floating objects but I know we can restrict its appearance it with a flag. I will have to try that but not sure about creating 14 texts saying the same thing.
              • I cannot share the actual dashboard but I created a dummy layout of what it looks like and each container is coloured. each of the coloured boxes have the charts and could have the texts behind when charts disappear


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                Joe Oppelt

                Your screen shot is just colored blocks.

                Hack up the equivalent in Superstore.  I need something concrete to look at.

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                  tanvi khanna

                  Hi Joe,


                  Please find a sample workbook attached. My functional dashboard has all tiled charts (16+) and I have sampled one of them here.

                  On the dashboard when are filters chosen and if total records <5 then the chart disappears, so the text should appear -"No chart since total records filtered are less than 5. please choose filters again."


                  All my charts have a different base and hence the total records vary for each chart. So as soon as the filters change, some charts might show up and some wont depending on their base records. so the ones who disappear - this text should be seen.


                  Does this help to understand the question?


                  thanks in advance




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                    Joe Oppelt

                    In the attached I took out the text box and replaced it with a sheet.  To make the sheet I copied Sheet 1 an d modified it.  First, I added Frequency to the filters.  It made it easier for me to hit the threshold of 5.  So that's on both sheets and on the dashboard.


                    In Sheet 1(2) I made a calc [index] so that I could make sure I can identify only one mark.  It's displayed on the sheet.  (Either running along Frequency or simply Table(down) does that for me.)


                    On sheet 1(3) I modified the Total View filter to display on a max of 4.  So take out some frequency values.  (If you have just the top 2 values selected, you get 4 records.)  I added into the text for this sheet the text you had in the original text box.  (Plus the total view value.  You can tidy this up as needed.)


                    Go to the dashboard.  Here I first added a container that occupies the whole space you want one or the other sheet to display in.  It's still inserted in an overall tiled dashboard.  But first I loaded in this container.  You need to enclose the swapped sheets in their own container.  Both sheets in one container.  For display purposes I put a red border on the container.


                    Then I dragged Sheet 1 (with the filter set to make sheet 1 display) into that container.  And I hid the title.  Next I dragged Sheet1(3) to the end of Sheet 1 within that container.  (Hint:  When you want to drag something into a container, set the dashboard mode to Floating temporarily.  Then do Shift-drag, and drag the sheet over the container.  You'll know you have it right when you see highlighting in the container you are aiming for.)  After dragging sheet 1(3) into the container, again do hide title.  Sheet 1(3) will be empty initially, if sheet 1 is displayed.


                    Now play with the frequency filter.  Take things out until sheet 1(3) displays.  Sheet 1 goes away.  The two sheet occupy the same container, so they display in the same place when they swap.

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                      tanvi khanna

                      Hi Joe,


                      Thanks for the detailed explanation and the workbook. This helps.

                      I understand the sheet 3 is a contra-filter for sheet 1 and both need to be placed in the same container to keep switching. I am only concerned that since I have 16 sheets in the functional dashboard, some have their own independent containers while some sheets are together are place in a single container; I will have to create 16 more sheets for contra-filters (as number of records for every sheet are differently calculated) and then place them into containers again.

                      I did not quite understand how can we make the dashboard floating (hint you mentioned). I always have trouble to place more sheets in one container and arrange them in a particular order since my some of my containers are very small.


                      Thanks again.


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                        Joe Oppelt

                        You can put containers inside containers.  If you want two sheets that are already in a particular container to have the behavior we made for Sheet 1, take the two sheets out of the current container, pop two separate containers into that container, and then do the swapping for each individual sheet in its own container.


                        Yes, this is going to result in a ton of extra sheets.  You could bypass that by floating everything, and when a particular sheet collapses, there could be a text box floating beneath it with the message.  That's what I described way at the top of the thread, but you set a requirement of a tiled dashboard, so there is no way to float thing under that.  So to achieve your requirement, this is what it's going to take.