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    Comparing Part of a Dimension vs. Other parts of that Dimension

    Jason Gage



      Within the Dimension "Plant" there is a plant called "Tank Heel"

      I'd like to plot that as a continuous line vs. the Discrete stacked lines of the other plants within that "Plant" Dimension


      To look like this:

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          In your example - the plant Tank Heel has been filtered in the primary data source.  As a result, the value is not available for the view without addressing the data.  In the attached workbook, I have duplicated the data source and utilize a calculated field on the secondary data source for returning just Tank Heel.  I have made one view that utilizes a reference line so the value appears across the entire viz and then in another, I have utilized the value itself so that it appears for the related dates/rows that it exists in the data.  You could get more detailed by using a parameter to select the plant from the secondary data source and then the line could move around depending on plant selection for the end user as well.  This has been done on the reference line sheet example for you with a dynamic title to indicate the comparison:



          I hope this helps.