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    Re: LOD: null dimension value = null FIXED value

    luxia whiting

      Hi Bora, what you said about LOD makes sense; however, I can't figure out why it's not working in my case, see below.


      The source data looks like below.



      And I'm trying to create the following table with columns being Month/Year of the Date field and rows being the Org field, along with "Category" field being the filter. Right now, the Month "July 2018" and "September 2018" columns go away when I dis-select NULL from the Category filter. So I created a new date field using this LOD expression: { FIXED [Org], MONTH[Date],YEAR[Date]: MIN[Date] }, hoping using this new date field as columns would ignore the Category filter. But the same thing happens,  July 2018 and Sep 2018 columns disappear when Category A is selected.


                  June 2018 | July 2018 | August 2018 | September 2018




      Thanks in advance for your help!