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    Creating Dynamic Sets that Exclude Overlapping String Data


      I am running into an issue setting up dynamic sets that can filter out the overlap between two sets.  I am not able to share the actual data, but I’ve created a dummy set to help illustrate the issue. 


      We have three teams.  I need to run recurring reports on the following individuals:

      1. All members of Team A who are not in Team C
      2. All member of Team B who are not in Team C


      I need the sets to be dynamic because the team membership changes frequently even though the logic behind the reports do not.


      On the Try 1: Team tab, I did a true/false calculation on the criteria and created a set off that.   I wanted to apply a combined set that did not include the overlap, but a combined set was not an option.  I can add the C team as a filter, but that only provides correct results for In Set A and In Set C.


      On Try 2: Team B, I tried creating sets with the character names instead of True/False criteria. 


      I’ve also tried a few FIXED formulas but get keep getting an aggregation error. 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Apologies if I missed this in a previously answered thread.