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    Upgrading to 2018.3

    Mark Powell

      We are about to start looking at upgrading from 2018.1 to 2018.3.


      We have already gone through the migration to Hyper as we use data extracts for our data sources


      Is there anything to look out for with this upgrade when we are embedding the dashboards via the REST API in our application?  I'm just trying to assess the risk of this upgrade

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          Jeff James

          We're still in the eval stage too.


          The biggest issue will be changing your admin scripts and tools to use TSM instead of tabadmin. Most of it works similarly, but not exactly the same.

          - HA is changed because there is no primary server. The initial is similar, but more flexible

          - Backups are expected to be written to a specific folder, but can be configured

          - VizQL and Backgrounder processes can be add/removed in up time



          Overall, it will be a significant improvement in manageability, but there is some work in the meantime.

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            Mark Powell

            Great thanks for the feedback, that's really helpful.


            I'll try and update the trial if we come across any other items to look out for