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    Find count in blended source

    Alexander Mik



      I have 2 graphs; one where it show revenu over years and one graph where it shows revenu based on a detailed number. This number is only relevant when 1 product is selected. So it should show 1 graph when nothing is selected and the other when a selection in products is made. This worked, but now I have a blended source where my product master list comes from and because of the blend my previous formula isn't working any more. I have no other option then to use the blend unfortunately.


      this was my previous formula:


      TOTAL( COUNTD( [Book Serie] ) ) = SUM( { FIXED : COUNTD( [Book Serie] )})




      sum([Rev Books BL])



      That Book Serie field is now in the blended source and the revenue field is in the primary source.

      Hope you guys can help me!


      Best regards,