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    Display string when all/no filter is selected

    Jackey Tran

      Hi there,


      On my dashboard, I have the following


      The "DAY" drop box (as well as the "DAY" in 'Selected Day') is a parameter which controls whether the bar chart will display the number of records by the day, week or month.

      On the right of the box, below, will display the DATE the user has clicked on in the bar chart.


      How would I get this space to display a String (in my case, 'Full Range') if no DATE has been selected?


      I was hoping that if the user clicks on, say, '26/10/18', the bottom box will say:

      Selected Day: 26/10/18




      If they selected MONTH in the drop box, and today's month is November, the bottom box would say:

      Selected Month: 01/11/18

      (These two examples above has already been achieved)


      HOWEVER, if NOTHING was selected (blank as shown above), it would say:

      Selected (parameter): Full Range


      Thank you