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    How do you show an updated WMS service in Tableau?

    Janet Sietsma

      I'm able to show a WMS layer in Tableau, served from our Geoserver. In this case, it's a Postgres table that has a SLD applied to it, and it displays as a simple polygon shaded grey.


      How often, or how, does the link between the WMS service in Geoserver, and the WMS feed in Tableau, get updated?


      I've tested changing the name of the postgres file, and the WMS layer in Geoserver is immediately blank. However in Tableau, it continues to show.

      I've tested changing the SLD applied to the WMS layer in Geoserver, which is immediately apparent in Geoserver, but in Tableau, there is no change.


      If I remove the map service from Tableau, and then add it again, it refreshes.

      However, a WMS service would ideally be a live link.


      Is it something to do with our setting of Geoserver or Tableau?


      Thanks for your assistance.