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    Tableau Trusted Authentication - Can a trusted ticket be redeemed more than once?

    Martin Borugadda

      Hello all,


      I'm using Tableau Server 10.5 and have set up Trusted Authentication. I'm getting the trusted ticket from my Web Server and passing it down to the client.

      The client(Web Browser) is subsequently trying to redeem the trusted ticket by requesting a Tableau View at https://<TABLEAU_SERVER>/trusted/<TRUSTED_TICKET>/views/<WORKBOOK>/<VIEW>. However, the end user will be able to view the trusted ticket using the browser's Developer Tools' Network Panel.


      My question is:

      1. Can the end user use this trusted ticket (by getting it from the Browser's Developer Tools' Network Panel) to login to Tableau Server?
      2. Can a trusted ticket be redeemed more than once? Are there settings in the Tableau Server where we can set how many times a single trusted ticket can be redeemed?


      Thanks in advance.