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    Category wise Top Product

    keerthana kumar

      Hi All,


      I have to show Top 15 productName in 'Furniture' category and top 5 from 'office suplies' category based on 2016 Sales totaling to 20 Product name.


      But  In case (below screenshot Region=East and State='New Jersey')  there is only  10 Furniture product   with 2016 sales . I have to adjust number of product in Office supplies to show 10 to total to 20.

      similarly(Region=East and State='Maryland')  there in only 11 products in Furniture category show 9 in office supplies to total to 20.


      Max limit for Furniture category is 15 ..adjust the number of product in office supplies based on count of top products in furniture.


      top image.PNG


      How can I achieve this at tableau level

      Shinichiro Murakami Simon Runc