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    Sheet swapping error in Tableau Reader 2018.3 (Reference Lines?)

    Michal Popczyk



      Has anyone experienced problems with sheet swapping in Tableau Reader 2018.3, whereby the sheets that should collapse contain reference lines?

      If so, have you found a solution to that?


      Upon opening the dashboard including such sheets, I am receiving the following error message (which I guess refers to reference lines - although I'm not an expert on the error messages):

      Unable to complete action

      no value found at key



      Later, when changing the parameter which would trigger the sheets to collapse, the sheet is still displayed, just greyed out:


      I am using sheet swapping e.g. to switch from comparison in absolute values and in % as on the screenshot above (green and grey lines are reference lines), but also for other purposes.


      The same dashboard work correctly in Tableau Reader 2018.2.


      Thank you for support.


      Kind regards,