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    Logshark 3.0 - now with Hyper and support for Tableau Server logs up to 2018.2

    Bermet Jamankulova

      Just in time for Tableau Conference 2018, we are happy to announce the release of the updated version of our open-source tool, Logshark v3.0. This version uses Tableau's Hyper technology to save run outputs (instead of PostgreSQL as it did previously), supports Tableau Server versions up to 2018.2, and includes a number of defect fixes and improvements you have asked for.


      What is Logshark?

      • Logshark is a command line utility that you can run against Tableau logs to generate a set of workbooks that provide insights into system performance, content usage, and error investigation. 


      What's new in Logshark 3.0?

      • Logshark 3.0 no longer needs a dedicated PostgreSQL database (as it did in previous versions). Run outputs are now saved as Hyper extracts embedded with the workbook (twbx), which enables the workbooks to load significantly faster and reduces a number of dependencies for the Logshark.
      • Support for log sets includes Tableau Server versions up to 2018.2.
      • Fixed a number of issues reported both internally and via GitHub.


      Where can I get it?