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    Dashboard action filters


      Hello Tableau Community,


      I realy hope you can help me - I have a problem with a dashboard I can't solve so far.


      I created a Tableau dashboard with kind of a little story in it. The user has to choose which dimension she/he wants to look at and which indicator she/he's interessted in. Then the trend over time is shown.

      So now the problem: Some indocators have different manifestations, the user should choose one in a quick filter (Selection in the picture below).


      The problems:

      - The filter doesn't change automatically, is it possible that the filter shows only the selections that's possible and automatically when the user chooses an indicator?

      - When I choose a dimension the indicators over time shown up, is it possible that it's only shown up when choosing an indicator?

      And a little question, not a real problem - is it possible to filter the text boxes too? That the text box "2. Now choose an indicator you want to know more about" initial shown up when a dimension is choosen?



      So you can understand my question I created a very simplified Tableau workbook, I hope it will help.


      Thank you really much!


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          Stephen Rizzo
          1. Tableau does not support automatically changing the filter value for your "manifestations" if the dimension or indicators change. With that said, there may be workarounds - see How to dynamically set default values for quick filters | Tableau Software.
          2. It is definitely possible to hide a worksheet based on selections in other worksheets. Try creating a calculated field that is 1 when exactly one dimension and indicator are selected and 0 otherwise, then filter your worksheet such that it only displays when the calculated field is 1.
          3. While you can't technically filter text boxes, you can create worksheets that display text just like the text box would and filter those based on some set of conditions.