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    Removing duplicates from a stacked bar chart

    Ryan E



      How do I remove duplicates from a stacked bar chart? I have a list of people with certifications that are about to expire. In a few cases there are multiple lines of data for the same person, but the expiration date field for each line for that person is the same. I only care about the expiration date so to create the stacked bar I used the following calculation:


      IF DATEDIFF ('day', TODAY(),[Expiration Date]  > 0 then "Current"

      Elseif DATEDIFF('day', TODAY(),[Expiration Date] < 0 then "Expired"



      I then used a percent of total table calculation to stack the current and expired. The problem is that the same date for that person is listed multiple times in the data and I only want to count it once on the stacked bar chart. Does anyone know how I can do that?