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    How can I filter a trend line when a part of the bar graph is clicked?

    tanvi khanna

      Hi All,

      I have 2 charts: split CI and trend CI.

      As soon as I click on one of the components in split CI, I want it to filter the trend of that component and show only the specific trend line.

      I tried it with highlight and is possible as below. I want this same functionality as FILTER and should not show other lines.

      The CI components (%ease of doing business, %proactive contact and %problem resolution) are aggregated measures bar chart (split CI)

      so when I tried to create an action filter, the source sheet has the names of 3 measures: %ease of doing business, %proactive contact and %problem resolution but in the target sheet I cant see the same columns to filter on (Field: ease of doing business is raw data column not the same as %ease of doing business).