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    Calculations for subsets vs. total

    Zach Ferris

      I want to look at the SUM([BAL AMT]) in 90+ day bins on the numerator and the total SUM([BAL AMT]) in the denominator. Any ideas??

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Zach,


          See the attached workbook showing hot to accomplish this.  It took me a few steps and others may have better ideas but I took the Service Dt date field and calculated the difference in days between the first and last date in the field and then used the first date as a value to find the difference between the current date and first date.  This difference field is used as the Bins field for 90 days and named [Days since first date(bin)] and used on the Columns shelf.


          I then calculated the Sum(Bal Amt) for the bin fields by just using that field to get our 90 day bin values.


          next I created a table calculation with the Total() function to get the total for all dates.


          finally, I created a calculation that divides the 90 day bin value by the total.


          I hope this helps you.


          I saved this in version 10.4 for sharing with the widest audience possible.


          I hope this helps.  Regards and Happy New Years.