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    Year Over Year Comparison by day of the week

    chinmay tatwawadi



      I have the following view:

      Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 9.33.04 AM.png



      Here, Tableau is comparing data for the whole of 2017 to data from (1st Jan, 2018 - 22 Nov, 2018). This does not give the true YoY growth in volume since we still have another month of business left for 2018. I am looking to compare the same time period.



      The final comparison should be between:

      2nd Jan, 2017 (Monday) to 23 Nov, 2017 (Thursday)


      1st Jan, 2018 (Monday) to 22nd Nov, 2018 (Thursday)


      The intent is that the user would have the ability to change the date range and see "true" YoY growth matched by day of the week.


      Failed Solution:

      I created a date parameter and a calculated field with the following formula:

      IF  MONTH([IssueDate]) <= MONTH([DateParam])

          AND DAY([IssueDate]) <= DAY([DateParam])


      THEN 'TRUE'


      ELSE 'FALSE'



      The trouble here is, if I select, say 24th of the month, this would eliminate all the days from 25th to 31st for each month in the range and thus giving me skewed results. I have attached a packaged workbook with dummy data.


      Would highly appreciate any help possible!