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    Parameters while extracting data

    Chockalingam Muthuraman

      I am working on enabling self service to the business community and one common ask is to run the extracts for custom date range.

      in order to achieve this i am looking for options that can allow users to provide the input criteria and do ad hoc analysis.  I would like to know if this feature is available in Tableau or Tableau prep (latest and beta releases )

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          Kate Brown

          I'm not sure if this is what you are after but I have built a dashboard in Desktop where the end users will select a start and end date from 2 different date parameters and input data in another parameter and then those parameters are in the where clause of my custom SQL. I use a live connection to my database in this dashboard and there is a bit of a lag when they enter the information because it looks like it executes the custom SQL when each parameter is updated but the users are ok with this lag so far. The big drawback I have is that people need to know what they want to search for. Until we can refresh parameter values (still on 10.3) with new data I can't use a field to populate the parameter. For one of the options I did a like statement so they could enter part of the description they are searching for and then there is a filter where they can unselect the ones they may not want.

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            Chockalingam Muthuraman

            Thanks Kate, My requirement is to pass the dates while extracting the data as the these dates used in the calculations. I found an option in tableau desktop when using custom SQL to pass the parameters. This is very

            helpful for our self service users.