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    compare the difference of two rows to the difference of next column

    Amit M

      Hi All,


      I am trying to do very simple thing which i thought would be easy but, I am not able to get my results. In the given chart I am trying to do some color formatting.


      The request is to compare the conversion rates for each row at that specific step to the other rows and use the color to show higher (green) vs lower (red) conversion rate. For example, if DG converts from <Lead Conversion Rate> to <contact conversion rate> at 40% and DGB converts at 50 % then the <contact conversion rate> bar for DGB would be green and for DG would be red. I'm open to other ways to show this. I want to create how well the row elements convert from one step to another both on the same chart.


      Please find attached workbook in tableau 2018.3