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    Color by dimension disappears when I reload data

    Jonathan Degann

      I have a graph which will appear in a different color depending on the value of my "Region" dimension.  "Region" is selected in a Dashboard using an action filter.


      It works fine.  I click on a region in one chart, and all the associated graphs in that dashboard change color accordingly.  I can close and open the file and it works.


      But each week I update the data - and then all the colors go back to a "Blue" default.


      Now I admit I am doing some tricky stuff.  I am not basing the color directly on the "Region" field, which appears in my data.  I am basing it on "Active Region" field which is calculated as ATTR([Region]).  I do this because when I DON'T have a particular region selected, I want the subordinate graphs to appear in a single color based on ATTR([Region]) = *.  Then I have to do manual work to assign colors.  Only one color at a time will appear when I choose "Edit Colors".  I have to individually select each region, assign a color, select a different region, assign a different color, etc. until all have been assigned.


      And it works fine - until I update the data!  What's going on?