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    How to visualize a comparison of sales with/out promotions

    Chin Kai Ong

      I'm fairly new to Tableau, and I've a concept in mind but I'm not sure how/if it can be rendered in Tableau. I have a transactions table which stores the header data of a sales receipt - date/time of transaction, store information (e.g. store ID and name), receipt total. I also have a table which stores information on all sales campaigns - which campaign was run in which stores from when to when.

      I would like to create a visualization that achieves the following:

      1. The basic line chart (or whatever best suits my needs) would plot the total sales over a period - for example, every day from 1/6/2017 to 31/5/2018.
      2. Visual emphasis would be placed on the total sales during campaign periods. For instance, there was a promotion between 15/9/2017 and 14/10/2017, so that part of the chart would be visually highlighted (e.g. different color line or background).

      I have done managed to set up #1 - refer to worksheet F1D12_WIP of the attached workbook.

      Can this visualization be done, and if yes, how can it be done?