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    New URLs for whitelisting

    Jeff James

      I just ran into this problem, so thought that I'd try to save the community some work.


      Tableau change their certificates and you will need to update your trusted sites or lose connectivity.


      List is here: Configuring Proxies for Tableau Server


      From the help page:

      Tableau Server needs to connection to the following internet locations for licensing purposes:

      • o.ss2.us
      • ocsp.rootg2.amazontrust.com
      • ocsp.rootca1.amazontrust.com
      • ocsp.sca1b.amazontrust.com
      • crt.sca1b.amazontrust.com
      • crt.rootca1.amazontrust.com
      • ocsp.sca0a.amazontrust.com
      • crt.sca0a.amazontrust.com
      • ocsp.sca1a.amazontrust.com
      • crt.sca1a.amazontrust.com
      • ocsp.sca2a.amazontrust.com
      • crt.sca2a.amazontrust.com
      • ocsp.sca3a.amazontrust.com
      • crt.sca3a.amazontrust.com
      • ocsp.sca4a.amazontrust.com
      • crt.sca4a.amazontrust.com