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    error (5236,95): value 'density-color' not in enumeration ... after opening workbook

    Sofia Vossen

      Hello community,


      The following error occurs after I open the workbook.


      Error(5236,95): value 'density-color' not in enumeration (id: C:\Users\My.name\Desktop\Mappe1.twb)


      I have anonymized my name as My.name in the link above.
      I saved it on the given path and the name of the workbook is Mappe.1
      Currently I am using tableau version 2018.3.
      the workbook is connected to two simple excel files which are not aktualized or online. It is not connected to the server.
      I have not used the density mark type, I might have played with it but it is not included in any visualization.







      Last week I was able to open the workbook without any problems. Now I can't open it anymore and everything is gone.However when I open Tableau 2018.3. I can see the layout in a small version in the 'open' area' (before you open any workbook you see the 'open' area where you can connect to data and see all your workbooks  )

      If I ignore the error megssage the workbook is empty and there is no connection to the data.


      Thanks for your help