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    (10.2) How to pivot multiple fields

    David Holderness

      Hi All


      I've been provided with some data that needs some work doing to it before it'll be good to work with.


      I cannot share the source but i've mocked it up below:




      The data currently has this structure. It would be unwieldly to work with in tableau, is there a way to automate the process to achieve something like this:




      There is something like 800 people, over several quarters and 20 KPIs so doing this manually just isn't an option.


      Any ideas much appreciated

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          Ankit Bansal



          In the data source pane you can simply select all these 4 fields except name, right click and click pivot. With this you will get 4 rows for each row in your source like:


          David, KPI 1 Num,40

          David, KPI 1 Denom,80

          David, KPI 2 Num,50

          David, KPI 2 Denom,60


          It is not exactly what you are looking for but i think this should also work for you.


          Other option is to 2 union the same dataset.




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            David Holderness

            Hi Ankit


            Thanks for your reply.


            It's important that the data has the KPI Name - Numerator - denominator structure to it so it will function well with other work i am doing.


            Having each numerator and denominator be its own line would also create work for creating percentages


            could you explain your union thinking?


            Many Thanks

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              Ankit Bansal

              Ok. In union you can do union the same dataset with itself.

              So let say your first instance of filed is called file1 and second file2. A new field table name will be created with there 2 names.


              then create a calculated field that KPI that says:


              If table_name='file1' then 1 else 2 end'


              numerator will be :


              If table_name='file1' then [KPI 1 numerator] else [KPI 2 numerator] end



              denom will be


              If table_name='file1' then [KPI 1 denom] else [KPI 2 denom] end


              Now use these 3 fields + name for your calculation.