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    Avoiding Join when using two or more tabs within same Google Sheet document

    Donald Burke



      I have a Google Sheet document with a primary tab that is organized one way and additional tabs that transpose and rework that data into new formats.  The primary tab is organized around locations (rows) and the additional sheets are organized around people or dates, which are columns in the primary tab.


      I'd like to bring all tabs into a single public tableau workbook so I can have integrated visualizations into dashboards.  But when I try to add the additional tabs, Tableau tries to join the tables together.  I don't want to do that.  The forum posts I've seen on this topic say to add a second source to avoid the join but when I try to add the google sheet again as a second source it still tries to join when I bring in different tabs from the original data.


      • I'm using public.tableau.com.
      • My existing visualizations can be found here.
      • The spreadsheet can be found here.


      So, for example, I want to bring the Leaderboard tab from Google Sheets into my Tableau worksheet without joining it to the main table.



      Thanks in advance for any help