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    Joining tables multiplies rows

    Julien Charlet

      Hello everyone !


      I am facing an issue that is making me crazy !


      I am joining two tables in Tableau and the output I get is a multiplication of the rows of the first table when I aggregate the data.
      I made a simplified scheme to make it understandable :

      I don't know whether there is something more to do about the join or if I have to use a calculated field to re-compute the revenue.


      Many thanks for your help !


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          Matthijs Blenkers



          Your conclusion is correct. Table 2 has more records per date, id then table 1. The effect (in every tool) is duplication of the rows.

          Perhaps a datablend (Tableau) is more suited here. Table 2 is your primary and Table 1 is your secundairy. A blend wil aggregate the data from table 1 at the desired level so it will not duplicate the rows.