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    Maps - Server

    Anisha Boany



      My Tableau Server is hosted on Windows in Intranet n/w for security purpose.


      Since Map is residing in External server - I believe it is not connecting to it(No Internet connectivity), and hence I am facing performance issue in terms of speed.


      "excp-msg":"Internet communication error: Couldn't connect to server\n (maps.tableausoftware.com).\n"


      Workaround available online is to use Tableau Maps Offline - which works however has some cons to it (Cannot zoom in)


      My question is - prior to using Tableau offline, Maps reports were still opening in Tableau Server - with a huge delay of course. How so? Shouldn't it throw an error outright saying no connectivity?


      Is there any other workarounds to read map?



      Anisha Boany