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    Total average calculated on line item

    Alexander Mik



      I have 2 sources, one with prices of the products and 1 with the actual sales.

      By blending them on product I can calculate per product the average discount (List Price / Sales per item). This works great.


      What I now need is a total per category where these products belong to. This is were it goes wrong. I understands what happens; it takes an average of the sales and an average of the listprice and divides that. But what I need is to take the average of each individual product line for the total. I can't do a fixed LOD calculation because I am using 2 sources, I can't do it in the back because I can't combine the sources in Tableau Desktop and I can't use prep because prep still doesn't schedule so I couldn't use it in production.


      Any thoughts how I can solve this (not so complex in my opinion) puzzle?


      Best regards,